Automation Networks

Talos’ engineers are expert in design and implementation of industrial networks.

Based on the system requirements, and in cooperation with facility design engineering staff, Talos starts the network design process by deriving a network topology to interconnect the system devices.  We then analyze the design to verify that it meets the requirements of the installation specification for the chosen network, making modifications if needed.  Talos provides a detailed network diagram along with a required parts list as an output of the design activity.  From these, procurement and installation activities can proceed directly.

Once the equipment is installed, Talos commissions the network, performing start-up testing to verify that system functionality conforms to the requirements.

We have specific experience with the following industrial network technologies:

  • Ethernet/IP
  • ControlNet
  • DeviceNet
  • Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Profibus DP

If you’d like to learn more about our industrial network design & installation services, please contact us.