Update: 25 March 2020:

We’ve received several inquiries in the last couple of days regarding our status in light of the Governor’s proclamation 20-25 (Stay Home – Stay Healthy).  Because nearly all of our clients are included included in the list of “Essential Critical Infrastructure Sectors” which forms the appendix to the proclamation, and because our services are essential to proper continued functioning of the associated equipment and assets, Talos will continue operations as described below in support of these clients.  We do not expect this to change.

16 March 2020:

Dear Clients, Partners & Friends,

A quick note to keep you informed about the status of our operations during this extraordinarily tough time.

First, as always, our first priority is to “work safe.”  For Talos staff, for the coming weeks, this will mean working remotely whenever possible, practicing excellent hygiene, staying home at the first sign of illness, and following closely the guidance of local health authorities.  The people who count on our services to keep production running need to stay well and need for us to stay well now more than ever.

Second, we wish to reassure our clients that we’ll be here when you need us, and we wish to reassure our vendors that we’ll continue to pay our bills.  Although we are indeed a small business, we’ve always operated our finances conservatively.  This puts us in a good position to weather this storm.

It is our intent to keep the Richland Office open with reduced staffing, and to keep the 24 x 7 on-call line operating as usual so that emergency support requests can be serviced.  For inquiries related to active projects, it will be best to contact the responsible project manager via cell or e-mail as they are likely to be working from home.

Of course, feel free to reach out to me directly any time as well.

Stay well,