The other day Talos had our 3rd or 4th “Innovation Day.”  This is a day where we unleash the crew to work on and explore any technical project which is of interest to them within the parameters that it should be potentially useful to Talos or our clients.  The recent ones have focused mostly on experimenting with Rasperry Pi single board computers.  It’s amazing the array of technical solutions which can be implemented using these inexpensive devices, many of which could easily be ported to industrial grade hardware.  Here are a few of the projects the guys chose to work on:

Chris worked on supports for overhanging 3d printed parts.

Skyler and Doug worked together on DC motor speed controller with commands via web browser / Apache.

Josh worked on using the Raspberry Pi to build a wireless to wired ethernet bridge device, and Jason worked on implementing the OpENer Ethernet/IP stack to send the Raspberry Pi I/O commands from a ControlLogix PLC.

I think we learned a lot, had a good time and are all looking forward to our next Innovation Day!